Meet My Pets!

A couple days ago I said I was thinking about making a post about my pets and the lovely Georgia @ Books and Other Miracles said she wanted me to do it so here it is 😀

I created this blog so I could talk about one of my biggest passions which are books, but my pets (and animals in general) are really important to me as well and I think this post is gonna be really fun to write. I’m going to show you pictures of them, their names, age, the story of how we got them and a bit of their personalities 🙂

First up we have my dogs, I have four.


Kiko is and English Cocker Spaniel and turns 12 next month but you wouldn’t guess it if you looked at him because he’s still super energetic and will constantly drop his ball at your feet so you can throw it. He LOVES chasing balls. Unfortunately he’s getting slightly blind, from old age, so sometimes he goes against stuff. And he basically has no good teeth left because when he was outside he loved to chew on rocks.

We got him one month before I turned 6 so we pretty much grew up together. My dad was friends with a guy that owns a pet store and he was saying how he had a puppy who’s mother was the international champion of beauty or something and he wanted to show him to my dad so he brought it to us. I remember sitting on the store floor and the puppy would not leave my side, he literally got underneath him and I remember thinking that he tought I was his mom XD So it was pretty much love at first sight. A case of your dog chooses you, you don’t choose your dog. So we took him home and he would always take a nap on the couch with me while I was watching cartoons, we would just cuddle together all the time. It’s been almost 12 years but he still follows me everywhere, I swear it’s like I’m his God or something XD He’s the cutest.


Boomer is a Yorkie and he’s turning 3 in March. I usually call him Boo : ) He came into my life when I was going through a rough phase. Caring for him really helped me. He always sleeps in my bed, cuddled up in my neck. It’s really nice but it makes it really hard for me to get up to go to school XD His name suits him perfectly because sometimes he’s sitting just staring at me and I’ll call him and he just jumps and starts running around, barking at me to chase him (he loves that). It’s like he just goes BOOM XD

photo 4 (7)When he was younger he would always steal my sister’s pacifier. I took a picture once, as you can see here XD
He has this obsession about licking people’s hands and in the summer he also likes to lick our feet. It’s a bit annoying if I’m honest because he goes crazy about it XD I’m the only one who let’s him do it. I have no problem to be honest, it actually feels nice sometimes and I’ll wash my hands after so whatever XD



Suki is a 3 years old German Shepherd and she’s the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Seriously. I usually say she’s daddy’s princess because she’s our only female dog and my dad is really proud of her and her training. My dad got her from a very respectable breeder in our city and she was supposed to be a guard dog because we live in a bad place but I think she’s way too sweet for that and a bit of a scaredy cat or dog in this case XD She does get protective of my little sister though. Our other german shepherd Chester (that I’ll show you next) is still a puppy so whenever he’s playing with my sister he gets really excited and Suki will send him away so he won’t hurt her. Like I said, she’s a sweetheart ❤

She lives outside in half of our garden (the other half is for the cats, it’s a big garden with space for them all) but we let them in the garage and Suki will claim the couch all to herself. At first we didn’t let her there (well my mum really) so whenever I found her there she would try to hide her head in the pillows XD Once when Chester was hurt I had to sleep there with them and Suki slept with meon the couch. We were cuddled up and let me tell you, there’s nothing like cuddling with a dog almost your size. And then I woke up at 6am with her falling down the couch in slow motion XD I’ve never laughed so hard in a morning.


Chester is only 1 year old so he’s still a big baby. He loves to play but because of he’s size he can be a big rough when he gets too carried away. But he’s a sweetheart really and very obedient. He came to our house last September so he was already 9 months old, and yet he was already bigger than Suki, as you can see on the bottom pictures. His previous owners were moving to Germany I think and couldn’t take him and we were looking for a german shepherd to keep Suki company so the guy who got us Suki also got us Chester (that was already his name btw)

photo 4 (8).JPGMy grandfather used to train dogs, mostly German Shepherds, for the army in Mozambique, Africa, so my dad always had a love for dogs, German Shepherds in particular, and learned how to train them from him. And when we got our German Shepherds, he thought me how to train them and that’s one of my favourite things to do because they are so smart! I also walking them with my dad, it’s kinda like a bonding moment for us.


Now on to our 3 rescued cats!


It’s a weird name, I’m aware. I don’t even remember who named him… Anyway, Flopi is 6 years old and his the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. His mother was a siamese cross and his father was a stray cat and what a gorgeous cat they made. He’s affectionate towards me and my dad but he hates being bothered my anyone else, he’ll meow and go away XD He’s extremely affraid of stairs and as you can see he’s quite big (bigger than Boomer) so taking him to my room sometimes is a struggle.

photo 2 (9)Here’s the story of how we got him. Seven years ago there was a cat who would come to our garden every evening so we started to let her inside the house. Ever since then evryday between 6 and 7pm she would meow and we’d open the door for her and give her food. We got her a nest but she would always sleep on my lap and then every morning before I went to school, we would put her outside because she had an owner (even though they didn’t particularly care about her). I named her Mia btw. We also found out she was pregnant and one day she had 4 kittens in our living room! I had never seen an animal being born so that was a great experience. Unfortunately, that’s when her owners took her away. I was really sad so my parents let me choose one of the kittens from the litter. That’s how we got our first cat, Nocas. Unfortunately she died last year from a congenital heart disease. That’s her in the picture.
Five months after Nocas was born, Mia had another litter (curiously from the same cat because the kittens all looked the same). Her owners had her and the litter in a shed with very poor conditions. According to my neighbourgh she would always sneak out but then couldn’t get back in so the kittens were starving so that’s when we decided to rescue them. We adopted Flopi, my neighbourgh adopted one and got owners for the other two. They were just 2 weeks old and were covered with fleas and other parasites. We got rid of them and had to feed him milk ourselves. He was so tiny he fit in the palm of my hand. He slept with me in my room in a little nest in my bed but he always snuck out of it to nestle in my neck but I was terrified of crushing him while sleeping so I started sleeping with my hand in the nest and he’d sleep on top of my hand. He was the cutest. And he grew up so well! ❤


We rescued Alaska when she was 3 months old. She had been found inside a plastic bad in the trash with her two brothers when they were only a couple of weeks old. The person who found them took them to our vet and her brothers were immediately adopted but she wasn’t. She was there for almost 3 months and the more she grew the harder it would be to find someone to adopt her. One day we were at the vet because a sick bunny we were taking care of died of a heart attack. I was really sad and Alaska was just there inside a kitten crate trying to play with me and I fell in love. So did my mum and then we heard her story and decided to take her home. She’s turning 2 in April now 🙂

As you can see in the pictures, she was always cuddled up to me. She slept in my bed when she was little and most days I would wake up with her sleeping on my back XD One of the things I love doing in the summer is read outside in a couch we have with one of the cats next to me.


We rescued Sky when he was almost a month old, a month after we adopted Alaska. He’d been found in the middle of a road. When my mum saw him she fell in love and brought him home, to keep Alaska company when I was in school. In the beginning she didn’t really accept him but a week later they slept together all the time. He was smaller than her so she was like his mother. But then they grew up and as you can see in the pictures Sky is always holding Alaska in a way. He’s quite protective of her.

My sister named him Sky because at the time we got him she really liked Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars but the only thing she knew how to sing was Sky XD And now I think it suits him perfectly because he likes to climb to the highest place in the garden at just stare at the sky 😀 He’s also the sweetest cat ever and if I don’t immediately pick him up he will literally climb my body and sit on my shoulder XD

Okay I had meant to keep this short but it turned out huge XD Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you read until the end, thank you ❤

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  1. Awwwwwwww!! My pup got killed in a hit and run last year, your English spaniel reminds me of her! (my iPad lags when I scroll up so forgive if I got the breed wrong.. ahh). Your legs are adorable n______n

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