In which I rant about the current hate towards Sarah J Maas and diversity (or lack of)

In the light of all the drama surrounding Sarah J Maas lately, I want to say a few words.

Whatever happens in the Throne of Glass series’ upcoming books, I will always support Sarah. Even if I have a lot of issues with the way TOG seems to be heading, I’ll continue to read the books because I’m still emotionally invested in some characters and I think the plot is amazing if you put romantic relationships aside. And you can never truly know what’s going to happen unless you read the books, right? It might even surprise me. Plus let’s not forget that Sarah wrote the masterpiece that is A Court of Mist and Fury, I mean RHYSAND !!!!!!

It makes me very sad that she’s been getting so much unnecessary hate and worst of all, death threats! People seriously need to start separating fiction from reality. Whatever is the reason why you’re angry, please don’t forget that Sarah is a real human being who deserves to be treated with respect. She’s working hard to give us not one, but two books every year. And we can’t forget that this is her story to tell, not ours. I might not agree with every choice she’s making in ToG but I can only respectfully share my opinion in the matter. This applies to all authors out there. We can’t just send them hate and death threats (!!!) because their stories aren’t taking the direction we want them to take.
You’re not happy with the spoilers from Empire of Storms? Read fanfiction. Write your own. Stop reading the books. But please don’t rate it with 1 star without actually reading the whole novel. Stop listening to other people’s opinions on the book and actually read it so you can make your own judgments. Cause you never know if the spoilers you’ve read are actually true (I’ve read two contradictory spoilers about Manon, for example).

Now, there’s another issue I wanted to talk about: diversity. As a bisexual girl, it makes me really sad that there’s such a lack of diversity in books, be it LGBTQIA+, POC, disabled characters, etc. I mean yes, there’s books just dedicated to that. But fantasy is my favorite genre because you’re literally creating a world of your own. So why is it that authors don’t include POC and LGBTQ+ characters in these worlds? Why are they mostly straight and white? Cause it might look like that’s the world we live in for some people, but it’s not.
This is part of what’s been making people so angry to the point where they’re sending hateful comments to Sarah J Maas: everything is so white and straight in TOG. It doesn’t help that she killed off the only two POC and the other one that was introduced in QoS is apparently not gonna be in EoS along with the only disabled character. I get it, I’m angry about this too. But people are going about it all wrong. There’s so many positive ways to bring awareness to diversity. Sending hate to authors will never fix this issue. So please stop this. Stop hiding behind a screen and actually try to make a difference in a positive way. And while you’re at it, learn some respect.

12 thoughts on “In which I rant about the current hate towards Sarah J Maas and diversity (or lack of)

  1. Agreed. It’s not her responsibility to serve you every single thing you want. She’s an author who makes a living off of the things she’s passionate about writing.

    This video explains this so well I can’t do her justice.
    Fantastic post and I hope Sarah doesn’t feel forced to write for these brats who need to realize that if they don’t want to read about straight, white people all the time, then they should start talking and hyping up books that have that. Not tear someone else down.

    Sarah J Mass owes us nothing.

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