Tirade Tuesday: When Fandom Throws a Hissy Fit

Originally posted on The Fandom Files:
I have had it. I’m not very vocal in The 100 fandom. I mainly stay in my corner and post poetry, but I need to speak out. On twitter, William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, a show that had the first interracial kiss on TV, is defending the…

Meet My Pets!

A couple days ago I said I was thinking about making a post about my pets and the lovely Georgia @ Books and Other Miracles said she wanted me to do it so here it is 😀 I created this blog so I could talk about one of my biggest passions which are books, but my pets (and … More Meet My Pets!

The Random Tag

The lovely Georgia @ Books and Other Miracles tagged me to do a tag she created herself! Thank you 😀 This isn’t book related, like the name suggests it’s a couple of random questions. So let’s get on with it : ) What is your favorite food? Nuggets with tomato rice yum! What are you having for … More The Random Tag

Pray for the World

   People need to understand something. ISIS isn’t the same as Islam. Just because they have “Islamic State” in their name doesn’t mean that Islam is about killing innocent people because they don’t share their religion and ideologies. It doesn’t make other Muslims terrorists. Terrorism doesn’t have a religion. Terrorism doesn’t have a race. These … More Pray for the World

Pray for the World

What happened in Paris was horrible. Those were innocent people who didn’t deserve to die in twisted acts of war. And I’m very sorry for what happened to them and for what their families and loved ones are going through. May they rest in peace. Last night, many important landmarks in other countries were lit … More Pray for the World