Shadowhunters Season 2 Changes!

Hey guys!

Last year, I posted a discussion about the first two episodes of Shadowhunters (you can find it here if you want) and since there’s been quite a few changes in this new season, I wanted to write a new one to talk about what I think has improved in season 2. Because thankfully, there’s been quite a few improvements!

So, this season they changed showrunners, who are now Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, there’s a new director and executive producer, Matt Hastings and apperantly a new stunt coordinator, too. I have to say that from the look of the first two episodes, that was a great change! It’s like Shadowhunters has been revamped! Everything seems more authentic now, which was one of my problems with the first season. I got my dad to watch season 1 and he liked the story but stopped watching because it looked too fake and I think this happened to a lot of people so hopefully, the more realistic look of season 2 will expand the show’s audience.

So, what were my biggest problems with season 1?

-The special effects !!! No offense, but they were pretty bad… from the portal to the way downworlders died to the werewolves and how they shifted, it all seemed too fake.
-Some fight scenes looked way too staged
-Some of the acting, but part of that was because of the script. There were some lines that just didn’t sound good no matter what (thankfully, throughout season 1 both the writers and the actors got better, more experienced!)

What has changed in season 2?

Everything! Right in the first episode we are able to witness these new changes:

-No more weird purple portal (seriously, what was up with that?). The new and improved portal is like a blurry transparent orb, kinda like a disturbance in the atmosphere. It looks much more like how I’ve always imagine portals to be.

-The new way downworlders die. Before, vampires’ skin burned away leaving a charred skeleton behind that then disintegrated. I’ve always had a problem with that because the skeleton didn’t even look right to me… it was just weird in my opinion. But now the skeleton is gone and the vampires just burn and disintegrate. I gotta admit it’s still a bit weird, but it’s more visually appealing.

-The fight scenes. You can definitely see this new stunt coordinator is doing is job right. The characters’ movements are much more fluid and that combined with the new special effects make the fight scenes more realistic.

-Magnus’ magic. It looks a lot better, it’s a lighter blue and just generally different. I like it.

-The script and the acting keep improving!

-The new way of shooting the scenes. In this video (minute 11:11) Matt Hastings’ says: “Anytime that you see a scene, it’s gonna be framed unexpectedly. It’s gonna feel more voyeuristic, like you’re kind of leaning into a conversation versus constantly being inside of it. So you feel like you’re a participant in the Shadow World. We want you to be a Shadowhunter, we want you to be alongside Clary and Jace, we want you to fight and kill these demons.” I definitely noticed that! It’s quite interesting. There was this particular scene where I really enjoyed shooting, when Alec and Maryse are talking and Alec says his bond with Jace is stronger than blood.

-We haven’t seen this yet but, the revamped werewolves. We’re gonna get to see them turn now, as opposed to seeing a flash and bam they’ve turned. And they’ll look less fake now.

Aaaand that’s pretty much all I can remember haha. I’m really enjoying this new season, how much darker it is, it’s interesting. Can’t wait for the next episode!

What do you think of how season 2 is looking? Do you like the new changes?

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