Christmas, Books & I tag

I saw this tag on Marta’s blog The Book Mermaid and thought it would be really fun to do it! It was originally created by a fellow Portuguese blogger, Catarina @ Nerd e Chique and I’m using the translated version of the questions (thanks Marta for saving me the trouble hahaha)

1 – Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

I spend the 24th and the 25th at my grandparents’ house, from my mum’s side of the family. Since it’s in a  city 2 hours away from the one I live in we sleep there.

2 – How do you usually spend your Christmas?

Well, on the night of the 23rd (we try to hold off until midnight tho but it’s not always possible haha) my parents, my little sister and I open each others presents so we don’t have to take them to my grandparent’s house and then bring them back (the car trunk is already bursting without them haha). Then on the 24th we all get together at my grandparents’ house after lunch, the kids play and try to guess what presents they’re having, we have dinner and open our presents at midnight (actually we cheat and open them at 10 or 11 haha). Then on the 25th we have a family lunch and open some more presents and the kids all play with their new toys and ask me to play with them haha. Then on the 26th we go to my other grandparents’ house for lunch and open more presents haha. So basically I get 4 days of Christmas and it’s great 😀

3 – Do you rather read a book or spend time with your family? 

Spend time with my family, especially my mum’s side. We only get to be with them a couple times a year…

4 – What genre of books do you enjoy reading during the Christmas season?

I don’t really have a specific genre for each season, except maybe Halloween. But, I’ll answer fantasy since that’s my favourite genre and basically all I read lol.

5 – Do you know any book related to Christmas?

Umm… Let it Snow by John Green and other authors, but I haven’t actually read it.

6 – What desserts/sweets do you like to eat on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day?

I’m not really into Christmas desserts/sweets tbh but whenever I visit my grandma (from my mum’s side) she makes me a dessert I looove. I think it’s called chocolate salami in english (It’s a tradicional Portuguese dessert). Her recipe is  delicious and I’m already craving it!

7 – How many books have you read so far this month?

Sadly, none so far 😦 I’ve been super busy and my reading slump isn’t helping…

8 – How many books do you want to read until the end of the month?

I’d like to read at least one lol.

9 – How many books do you think you’re going to get this Christmas?

I’ve already ordered 8 books with my parents’ early Christmas gift but only 4 have arrived so those are the ones I’ll be opening on the 23rd, plus a friend of mine sent me a signed copy of An Ember in the Ashes that I’m waiting for Christmas to open too!

10 – Is there any book you’d really like to get?

Except the ones I’ve already ordered, I’d love to get The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi.

11 – Do you rather give or receive presents?

Obviously, I love receiving presents, but I also love to give them. I love the excitement of Christmas shopping, especially for the kids’ presents! And then giving them something I know they really want!

12 – What’s your favorite thing about of Christmas? 

Honestly, spending quality time with my mum’s side of the family since we don’t get to do that as often as I’d like. But I also love the Christmas decorations on my house and everywhere else, the streets the mall, etc. Oh and the Christmas songs that keep playing at the mall haha.

I tag everyone who wants to do this!

You can find me on bookstagram, tumblr, pinterest and goodreads!

2 thoughts on “Christmas, Books & I tag

  1. I loved your answers! You surely have a really fun Christmas 🙂
    We always cheat too, my six-year-old cousin and my 10-year-old brother can’t wait until midnight to open their presents, so we open them around 10 or 11 pm.
    Maybe you’ll finish a book after you get your new presents!
    Merry Christmas ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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