In which I (finally) write down my thoughts on the Throne of Glass tv show news!

I’d like to start by apologizing for not posting in so long (just this post is like a week late) but my life has been chaotic lately!

I’ll be stating my opinion on these news and what I hope to see in the show 🙂

So, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is being turned into a tv show! You can check out the article for more news here.

First of all, I think it’s selfish of us readers to say we don’t want our favorite tv show to be turned into a movie or tv show because we’re afraid they’ll mess things up or we have our own idea of what the characters look like. This is Sarah J Maas’ story and the fact that it’s being turned into a TV show is like a dream come true for her, so we should be happy for Sarah! It’s obvious that the tv show will never please everybody, we all have very different opinions, but if you don’t like who they casted or how they’re telling the story then simply don’t watch it. Other people might love it and in my opinion it’s always amazing that my favorite books get the change to be adapted into a tv show or movie! I do, however, understand that when you love a book too much you kinda wanna keep it secret, like something that only other bookish people know and with a tv show it’ll become mainstream. But like I said, I think we should try to not be selfish and be happy for Sarah.

Okay, so we know that the show will be called Queen of Shadows and I gotta say I love that! For the show as a whole it makes a lot more since than Throne of Glass because we’ve kinda moved past the king at this point and Queen of Shadows works both for Celaena since assassins own the shadows and she was basically the queen of assassins and for Aelin as a queen. Plus, as some people have pointed it out, there’s less rush of confusing it with Game of Thrones.

The show is going on Hulu and I’m not really familiar with that but I’m hoping it’s similar to Netflix, as in it will bring some diversity and representation which it so desperately needs (like Netflix did with Shadowhunters). Just add some more POC and LGBTQ characters like I am dyiiiing for more representation!!! Gimme someone I can relate to, thanks.

Speaking of diversity, there’s something that really concerns me: Nehemia and Sorcha. They’re the only POC characters in the story (apart from Nesryn who I also hope gets some screen time) and they die in a very gruesome way. Now, if that happens on the big screen it’s gonna cause a big freaking rioting and it might suffer some hard criticism due to the racist aspect of it. So yeah, although I want them to follow the brilliant plot I wouldn’t oppose to them making their deaths less violent or maybe whitewashing at least Sorcha (this is coming from someone who hates it when characters get whitewashed okay) and make other characters who won’t suffer such a terrible fate POC. I don’t want them to whitewash Nehemia but I’m hoping they’ll at least not make her death so bloody and violent. Or just don’t kill all the representation lol.

Now, the next topic I want to discuss is probably gonna be unpopular but I don’t care. I really hope they change Rowan a little and his relationship with Aelin. I love the whole fae warrior thing so I think that Rowan has a lot of potential to be a likable character, however, I can’t like the way he treats Aelin and its bad enough that there’s no turning back in the books so I’m really hoping that they’ll make their relationship more healthy in the show (yes I know a lot of people don’t consider Rowan’s actions abusive but I do, especially since I read ACOMAF. So feel free to disagree with my opinion in a respectful manner, no hate please). The way Rowan treated Aelin in Heir of Fire was abusive both physically and mentally (since she was clearly depressed and he kept pushing her down even more until “the light went out”), which in return made her hit him too. Plus there’s the fact that Rowan bit her without her consent, knowing that it’s a sexual act for the Fae (!!!). So these are the little aspects from Heir of Fire that I hope they change. They can still make Rowan cold and detached in a more appealing way, cause I’m all for the vulnerable males hiding their feeling with coldness before they warm up to someone, just not when their actions are abusive. Another thing is, I’d like for Rowan to be less territorial of Aelin like in Queen of Shadows. They can still make him protective of her since they’re sworn and all, without making him tell her that he’s in charge and if he says Aelin can’t go out she won’t. So yeah I’m aware that s lot of people like Rowaelin just as they are but I honestly don’t think that little changes like this can make you love them less, on the contrary tbh. It’d just be making their relationship healthier, ain’t nothing wrong with that if you ask me. (Though I’d rather they went with Sarah’s original plan in Queen of Glass of Aelin and Dorian being endgame but oh well.)

Also, Chaol and Dorian seem to have been completely forgotten in Empire of Storms in favor of Rowan and co, even though, in my opinion, they’re the most interesting and relatable characters with the best character development so I seriously hope that they won’t be left on the sidelines in the show.

I’m really excited for the casting! I wonder who will be playing who! I really really really want them to do a great casting for Manon, Chaol, Dorian and Aelin cause those are the most important characters for me!!!

So tell me, what do you think of these news? Are you excited or are you not a fan of the idea?

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2 thoughts on “In which I (finally) write down my thoughts on the Throne of Glass tv show news!

  1. I agree. I hope the show would handle the diversity well. I personally find it quite troubling that almost all the POC characters in SJM’s books die for the character development of her non-POC characters (ie- Nehemia for Celaena).

    And yeah, changing it to Queen of Shadows would actually be better, because Throne of Glass can be mixed up and confused with Game Of Thrones- it would also avoid people hating on the similarity in names:)

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