August Wrap-up

Today I bring a very sad wrap-up… Why, you ask? Well, because I only read a book this month. And it wasn’t even really a book, it was a novella. A 143 paged novella that I read in the first week of August! And then I started another book on the 10th but haven’t read past the first 40 pages. How sad…

However, I’ve been spending my days at the pool and have a great tan so I guess that’s a good reason to not have read much XD

So here’s this month’s wrap-up:

Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard – 3 stars


This is a bind up of two short stories from the Red Queen universe. The first one, Queen Song, gives you a little insight on Queen Coriane’s life & death. The second, Steele Scars, is about Farley’s life until the first couple of chapters in Red Queen. I rated both of them with 3 stars. They were okay stories, not bad but nothing special either.

The book I said I started earlier is And I Darken by Kiersten White. I’m really hoping to finish it soon. I’ll update you on that on next Tuesday’s post 🙂

I hope your reading month was better than mine! Comment how many books you read below 😉

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12 thoughts on “August Wrap-up

  1. Don’t worry about not reading much this month, at least you had fun 😀
    August was actually one of my best reading months, I’ve read 9 books so far and I’m hoping I can read one more just to get to 10. 😛

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    1. Yeah last summer I read around 10 books every month and still spent a lot of time at the pool and went out but this year for some reason I can’t… But I hope September is better, too 🙂


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