In which I rant about the current hate towards Sarah J Maas and diversity (or lack of)

In the light of all the drama surrounding Sarah J Maas lately, I want to say a few words. Whatever happens in the Throne of Glass series’ upcoming books, I will always support Sarah. Even if I have a lot of issues with the way TOG seems to be heading, I’ll continue to read the … More In which I rant about the current hate towards Sarah J Maas and diversity (or lack of)

August Wrap-up

Today I bring a very sad wrap-up… Why, you ask? Well, because I only read a book this month. And it wasn’t even really a book, it was a novella. A 143 paged novella that I read in the first week of August! And then I started another book on the 10th but haven’t read past … More August Wrap-up

Pokémon Book Tag!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing this tag lately so I decided to do it as well! This tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and I’m using her graphics because they’re amazing 🙂 So let’s get started! I chose Squirtle as my starter Pokémon simply because it was the closest to me … More Pokémon Book Tag!

Olympics Book Tag

Hello bookworms!!! I was recently tagged by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much to do the Olympics book tag created by Valerie @ Little Dutch Book Shop and thought it was the perfect time to do this! I watched the Gymnastics individual final last night and it was amazing! Gymanstics and Equestrian are my favourites to … More Olympics Book Tag

July Wrap-Up

Helloooo!!! Sorry for the lack of posting… I’ve been a bit busy I’m also a lazy potato. Today I bring you my late July wrap up! Better late than never, right? So last month I only read 6 books (two were very short tho) which is half of what I read last year in July… And … More July Wrap-Up