200 followers! 4k views! & Get to know me better!

I was supposed to post this two days ago but I’ve been  busy sorry. On July 4th aka my birthday (thought it was a funny coincidence haha), Fireheart Books reached 200 followers and 4000 views OMG!!! Thank you all so much!!! ❤️ This blog isn’t even a year old, I never imagined I’d have the 206 followers I have now!

So I’ve decided to do the Get to know me tag since I was tagged to do something similar on tumblr 😀

Name: Mariana
Nicknames: Mari (by my friends in a group chat), Mare, Ruby (by my irl friends bc of my last name, it was actually my English teacher who started this)
Birthday: July 4th
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: I just graduated high school and I’m taking a gap year so I guess my occupation is nothing atm

Hair Colour: brown but the tips are a golden colour because of the sun 🙂
Hair Length: lower back, I love long hair okay
Eye Colour: brown with dark green around
Best Feature: um… My hair? People say they love my curls all the time
Braces: not anymore but I had them for 2 years (14 to 16)
Piercings: two of the regular ear piercings on my right year and three of the regular ones plus a cartilage piercing on my left ear. So 6 in total and I want more 🙂
Tattoos: none yet cause I’m still haven’t found the right tattoo parlor (I’m terrified they’ll mess my tattoos omg) but I have a couple tattoos I want!
Right or Left: right handed

Best friend: we don’t talk anymore
Award: I’ve always been terrified of entering competitions so none I guess
Sport: The first and only one. Horseback riding. Stopped doing it when I broke and dislocated my wrist. My right wrist that will never be the same…
Real holiday: we always went on holidays to the south of Portugal but the first time we left Portugal was to go to Spain (it was only for a day tho so idk if it counts)
Concert: My first real concert was Tokyo Hotel with a friend and my cousins when I was 10 but my dad went too. The first one I went alone (with friends) was One Direction

Film: Deadpool!
TV Show: The 100 and Outlander
Colour: Light blue
Song: Stay with me by You me at six
Restaurant: not a big fan of restaurants lmao but I think I’d like Nando’s since it’s Portuguese and serves food I’m used to lmao
Shop: book shops!
Books: All books my Sarah J Maas, Outlander series and the Captive Prince trilogy changed my life okay
Shoes: barefoot 😉

Feeling: stressed (what else is new)
Single or Taken: taken by many fictional characters 😉
Eating: a banana
Thinking about: ideas for a prompt fic I’m writing for a tumblr network I’m in
Watching: Criminal Minds reruns
Wearing: my pj’s

Want children: I have a 5yo sister okay I know what kids are like and I’m not ready. So in the far away future
Want to be married: Well I want to find someone special to spend the rest of my life with but I don’t want a wedding. I’m opened to the idea of marriage but it’s not something I need tbh
Careers in mind: I’d love to be a writer or anything else book related or animal related (see I’m very indecisive, hence why I’m taking a gap year)
Where you want to live: I’d love to live in Scotland tbh but part of me doesn’t want to leave Portugal because of my family…

Do You Believe in…
God: maybe there’s a higher power but I honestly don’t really believe it
Miracles: i think all miracles have an explanation, we just haven’t found them yet
Love at first sight: Attraction at first sight yes. Infatuation maybe, but not love. Love takes more time
Ghosts: I’m not sure tbh
Aliens: of course. Thinking we’re the only people in the universe is so typically human, we’re so arrogant… We’ve only explored a fraction of the universe so of course there can be other life forms out there!
Soul Mates: maybe yeah but I think this is something I’ll only say I believe in if I find a person I can call my soul mate (I like to think I will someday)
Heaven: not particularly
Hell: not really
Kissing on the first date: sure
Yourself: maybe someday

You can find me on bookstagram, tumblr and goodreads!

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