Review: The Winner’s Crime


The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s trilogy #2

400 pages

Finished on June 11th 2016

4.5 stars

“If you won’t be my friend, you’ll regret being my enemy.”

If I had to sum up The Winner’s Crime in two words, it would definitely be a delicious torture. Just to give you a better understanding, while reading this book (and although the storyline is of course different) I felt much the same way as I did while reading Sarah J Maas’ Crown of Midnight.

“There was something wrong with her. It was wrong to want to touch a scar and call it beautiful.”

The way the first book ended allowed the storyline to go in a whole new direction in this one. The romance slightly fades to the background behind all the political drama and power game on court, all the secrets and hidden messages. But the moments Kestrel and Arin did meet were filled with a gripping love/hate tension. The way their storylines progressed throughout the book left me unsure about the possibility of a happy ending, which just left me more invested in their relationship.

The Winner’s Crime definitely allowed Kestrel to show us the full potential of her cunning mind. She played a very dangerous game, for the sake of doing what she believed was right. I loved seeing her plot and outwit everyone at court. She was forced to make some tough decisions in this book. Kestrel is a very complex heroine, not entirely good, sometimes forced to make morally questionable decisions. I really love that about her.

Arin’s chapters were equally as interesting (possibly even more for me). I really admire the love he has for his people. He’d sacrifice himself in the blink of an eye to ensure their safety. He went on an adventure of his own in the second part of the book that expanded our knowledge of the world Marie Rutkoski created and introduced us to a couple more characters. One in particular, Roshar, I found very intriguing.

Much like what happened with The Winner’s Curse, the ending of this one leaves the promise of a different course in the storyline and the plot twist at the end is sure to leave you aching to get the next book in your hands!

“Sometimes you think you want something,” Arin told him, “when what you need is to let it go.”

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