Tirade Tuesday: When Fandom Throws a Hissy Fit

The 100 means the world to me, I have never related to characters on such a deep level like I do to Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and Raven, and to think that they can be taken away because of the immaturity of the Clexa fans hurts. You know how many people relate to Raven’s disability and feel inspired by the way she pushes through it? How many people relate to Octavia’s struggle to find her place in the world? Clarke embracing her bisexuality and still being in a position of power? Bellamy being POC in a position of power? Jasper’s PTSD? Monty? Miller? I could go on. Lexa wasn’t the only symbol. This show represents a lot of minorities through these amazing characters, and yeah not everything is perfectly done in this show, but to want to end all this because of the death of a single character (that wasn’t even there since the beginning and honestly her death was heavily foreshadowed) is so wrong. And then of course there’s the fact that they’d be sending tons of people who have worked hard on this show since the start into unemployement. And saying they deserve better than The 100? The cast is like family. I think they’re capable of deciding weather or not they feel happy in the show, like Ricky did.

Honestly, I’ve been in this fandom since the end of 2014 and it was never this toxic. Since season 3, and especially since Lexa’s death, this fandom as become so toxic it’s unbearable. I try to just talk about the things I love in the show but whenever I post something explaining why I love Bellamy (who is very hated right now, as are his fans, like me) and Bellamy & Clarke’s relationship I usually get hate from Clexa fans and no matter how hard I try to keep the discussion civil all they do is attack (I’ve only had a decent conversation with two). I have bad anxiety and honestly the things they say to me get stuck in my head and I hate this feeling because fandoms are supposed to be a place where you can talk about something you love, not get attacked and told to die for who you ship or stan or called homophobic for not shipping Clexa or even having people say you’re not really bisexual if you ship Bellarke over Clexa. That is so ridiculous. There are people who actually have panic attacks because of the awful things they are told by the Clexa fandom. I am in so many fandoms and I have never ONCE been attacked, but I’ve lost count how many times that has happened in The 100 fandom. And it’s not just the fact that they attack fans, they attack EVERYONE, writers, producers, actors and even William Shatner. Everyone has had it with them, even the Shadowhunters fandom comments on them and their disrespect towards Malec. It’s sad that Bob and Chris and Adina (and probably others, I think Lindsey got attacked once as well) have had to speak up about what this fandom is doing to them. The support Bob gives to people with anxiety means the world to me because it’s something people generally make light of, and to see him constantly being disrespected hurts me. And why? Because he called Lexa a tyrant? That is what she was, that is the grounders way. It’s not disrespectful to point out the truth. When will people realize that no character on this show is innocent? Lexa is a fictional character. The actors are HUMAN BEINGS. 

What they’ve done for the Trevor Project is amazing but it’s sad that they claim to defend the lgbtq representations and then want Clarke, a BISEXUAL character (and the greatest bisexual lead representation), to die and constantly erase her sexuality. Clarke being with a guy is still representation because she is still bisexual and to think otherwise is extremely biphobic, which a lot of the Clexa fans are. They claim that all minorities matter and then white-wash Bob/Bellamy and disrespect Bob’s cultural heritage to the point where he feels the need to speak out. And what do they do after that? They call him whiny and Bob Moaney. I’m tired of their constant disrespect. They don’t actually care about minorities or even the lgbtq community as a whole, they just care about their representation. And that is giving the lgbtq comunity a bad name, sadly.

The Fandom Files

I have had it. I’m not very vocal in The 100 fandom. I mainly stay in my corner and post poetry, but I need to speak out. On twitter, William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, a show that had the first interracial kiss on TV, is defending the 100 and getting attacked by a continent of Clexa fans. (x)

In the last month since Lexa’s Death, you [Clexa fans] have run the cast and the writers and Jason [Rothenberg, creator of The 100] off twitter. You have turned on the cast for them asking you to stick with their friends. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if when Eliza [Taylor, who plays The 100’s main protagonist, Clarke Griffin] comes back and livetweets she gets horrible vitriol from you guys.

The amount of times I have seen stuff from your side of the fandom that has made me ill, that…

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7 thoughts on “Tirade Tuesday: When Fandom Throws a Hissy Fit

  1. They are ridiculous. And obnoxious. One would hope that the LGBT community has more important battles to fight than whining over the death of a fiction character played by an actress who was under contract with another show.

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    1. This movement of theirs, trying to boycott the show, is simply ridiculous and has someone in the LGBTQ community I honestly feel offended by what they’re doing. They’re giving us all a bad name. And it’s extremely selfish of them to say a show with a lead LGBTQ character + 3 more is disrespectful towards the community. They don’t speak for us all and they don’t care about us, only Lexa. Yes the way they killed her off contributed to the “Bury your gays trope” but the writers and producers have admitted to their mistake and apologized, and then of course there’s the fact that Alycia had another show, we knew from the start Lexa was going to die. However, I fully support the people who are trying to bring awareness to the treatment of LGBTQ characters. Just this year +10 lesbian characters were killed off and there are very few left, not to mention that they rarely get a happy ending. This can be quite troubling for a lesbian girl who already feels unaccepted by those surrounding her. Yes it’s all fiction but fiction plays a big part in our lives. The LGBTQ viewers deserve to see a loving relationship that represents them, and seeing well written LGBTQ characters can help LGBTQ people to accept their sexualities (I speak for myself, Clarke helped me a lot). So yeah I fully support movements that bring awareness to the treatment of LGBTQ characters but I can’t under any circumstances support what they are doing because it’s wrong in so many levels.


      1. I understand what you’re saying about fair representation in the media. At the same time, I don’t think T100 is a show where one can expect to find any kind of happy ending. They killed Finn, they killed Maya, they killed Lincoln. And they had to kill Lexa. People, both straight and gay, die on this show (just like on other shows, like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘The Walking Dead’). I believe writers have the right to freely pursue their vision, without any political obligation towards the audience. Also, I can’t see how Lexa’s death takes away the positive impact of her character. She didn’t die because she had sex with Clarke. She died because sometimes s**t happens, and people die in very meaningless and unexpected ways.

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      2. Exactly I see things like that seeing as this is The 100, a ruthless show. But I also understand that it can be quite troubling for a lesbian girl if every single lesbian character they can relate to dies. If she’s okay with who she is and feels accepted by those around her then the media representation won’t affect her (like me) but there are a lot of teens who are not that lucky and when all the characters she relates to die then she thinks that she’ll never get a happy ending. I also think that writers have the right to pursue their visions, but when die constantly kill LGBTQ and POC characters it becomes too much. But sometimes it’s also not that they kill them, but the way they do it. I knew from the start that Lexa was gonna die, she had to to show us how the Commanders are chosen and to move the plot, I am perfectly okay with that even if it’s sad because she was an amazing character and a symbol for many, but dying by a stray bullet felt too lazy, they could’ve at least given her a warrior’s death seeing as her death was bound to hurt so many viewers. But what these people are doing by boycotting the show is just ensuring that next time they won’t make a certain character LGBTQ which is worse and sad because even if Lexa died, while she was a live she helped many people, and honestly for them she’ll live on, so it’s better to have something than nothing at all. I just wish they’d understand that they’re doing more harm than good. Even if this show has flaws when it comes to minorities deaths (Lincoln for example, I knew from the start Ricky wanted to leave the show so they were gonna kill Lincoln, and even though he died for a honorable reason, there was no need to shoot him while he was kneeling in the mud, when there was grass just a couple feet near) it’s still one of the best shows when it comes to representation and overall just a great show that doesn’t deserve the low ratings it’s getting because of immature “fans” (the finale deserves more than 6 freaking stars on IMDb ffs)

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