April Haul!

So yesterday there was no school because it was our Freedom Day and today I stayed home sick so I’ve decided to finally post something because it’s been almost a month 😮 And I realize I posted something yesterday but it wasn’t book related.

Also, just a quick catch up on my reading life, I’m in the biggest reading slump ever. I haven’t finished a book since February 😫 I also have 8 tv shows to catch up on, 14 episodes total, and I don’t even know when I’ll have the time… I’m pretty much only focusing on The 100, Outlander and Game of Thrones right now.

So today I’m bringing you my April haul! It’s not all books though!

1- I finally recieved Lady Midnight! But I haven’t had time to read unfortunately…


2- I finally bought the special edition of the Outlander season 1 dvd and I am in love 😍 It is literally the most beautiful dvd I’ve ever seen in my entire life!


3- After half a year of deliberation I finally caved in and bought The 100 dvds (season 1 and season 2) and after watching all the extras I definitely do not regret it!


4- I went to watch Batman vs Superman with my friend (which was amazing!) and the next day we had a field trip and had lunch at a mall and I found this Wonder woman tshirt and just had to have it! My little sister loves it too because she loves Wonder woman, the Lego version though XD


5- My obsession about The 100 (tv show) knows no bounds so, even though I’ve read all of the 3 books in english, I just had to have the Portuguese version of Day 21 because my babies look so good in the cover 😍 I don’t know why they didn’t used this instead of the english tv show cover of the first book. Btw you should watch it if you haven’t already 😉


6- I love pretty much every character in The 100 but Bellamy and Clarke are my everything 😍 ❤ So of course I had to buy a Bellarke phone case haha. It’s so beautiful 😍 the feelssss


7- I pre-ordered a signed copy of A Court of Mist and Fury! But sadly it will only arrive by the end of May or beginning of June…

I also really want to buy The Rose and the Dagger but can’t spend anymore money…

4 thoughts on “April Haul!

  1. Cool you have bought the special edition dvd’s of the first season of the Outlander series! I hope you’ll feel better and cab catch up with your series and start with the new book.

    Greetings by Sophie

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