February Wrap-Up

This year we get an extra 24 hours and guess what I did with them? I finished a psychology paper, started a portuguese one, watched a couple tv shows and now I have the worst migraine I’ve ever had. It was making it hard for me to speak and even think so I took some medicine and it’s finally working. It also helps with the muscle contracture I have in my neck. Anyway, I hope your day was better than mine XD Also, how cute is the Google animation for today?

Moving on. Thanks to school and my spetacular reading slump (that has lasted almost 3 months) I only read one book this month, and it was a reread. Said book being Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I’d forgotten a little just how sassy and hot Daemon is and how strong and badass Katy is!


I hope your reading month was better than mine 😀 Feel free to comment below how many books you read this month and see if you can top me XD

6 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

  1. I read 7 books this month, which is surprising for me. Hope you’re reading slump goes soon! I keep feeling like I’m falling into one, but then I’ll keep reading and it’ll go away again so…? who knows. I just hope it stays away. And hopefully you’ll read more books in March! At least you seemed to enjoy the one you did read 🙂

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