All the Books of 2015: Day 29

“All The Books Of 2015” it’s a challenge about all the books you read but only in this 2015!📚 The idea behind this it’s that through all the month of December we can share our reading year in pictures, favorites, least favorites, new favorite characters, otps, et cetera .

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This is my last post of the All the Books of 2015 challenge 🙂

Day 29 – Book you finally read this year


The Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout! I’d mean meaning to read these books for 4 years, since lots of people on tumblr said Patch from Hush Hush reminded them of Daemon, and this summer I finally did! And holy alien babies everywhere (couldn’t help it), did I enjoy them! I read the 5 books plus the novella in 10 hours each, yes I obsessed a little but the plot is very fast paced and the characters are hilarious and sexy and overall amazing, which make them really easy to read. Katy is a fellow bookworm, which is a bonus 😀

I’m actually currently reading Oblivion, the paperback version, which is Obsidian told by Daemon and I’m enjoying it so much! Then I’ll read the ebook version that has Onyx and Opal too!


15 thoughts on “All the Books of 2015: Day 29

  1. OMG 100 FOLLOWERS! Yay I feel like it’s my blog that got there! 😉 But yeah you deserve it! I feel like now would be a good time to gush. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I loved it from the start when I asked you if Throne Of Glass was appropriate. Wait… You commented on my blog first. Yeah you said you loved Muse! I love Muse! My Mom has seen Muse 4 times!! I’m so jealous of her!! I’ll stop now!! 😉 Anyway, congrats! X

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    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me ❤ I love your blog too and I love talking to you about books cause we have the same tastes haha. Yeah I remember commenting I liked Muse haha I went past the Dragon Stadium here and they were playing and we could here the music which was nice but I've never seen them live sadly. They're coming here in May and my dad and I really want to go but it's literally on the other side of the country during the week 😦 What's your favourite song from them? 🙂

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      1. Oh wait I only just saw the rest of the comment! I haven’t either, Mom always refuses to take me cos I’m ‘too young’ so she takes my older sister instead. Grr. I love Defector, but hate the rest of the stuff on their new album. Invincible is one of my favourites, along with Follow Me. That’s a lot. Haha I’m so glad we have so much in common! Xxx

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      2. Haha my dad has played their new album on the car but I’m not too familiar with yet tbh 😅 My favourite is Plug in Baby! And then Our time is running out and Follow me! I saw a performance on The Voice Portugal of a guy singing Plug in Baby and it was epic!! Hate to say it but it might have been better than Muse’s way… Yeah we have! Xx

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      3. I love Plug In Baby too! Yay Follow Me! Yeah their new album is the worst yet. 😰 They do the voice Portugal! That’s so cool! Xx

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