Book Snowman!



I just wanted to show you all the book snowman I made 😀 The scarf fell so it looks a bit weird but whatever. That scarf is actually a sweater though. I wore it on Christmas because it says nice and I’ve been nice this year haha.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had a great one with my family. I don’t get to see them very often because they live in another city so I always look forward to Christmas to be with them ❤️ And even though my sister and I got sick on the 25th we still had a great time! It’s always fun to see my little cousins and my sister open their presents 😀 And this year was the first Christmas we spent with my baby cousin, he’s 1 and a half and it was really fun! It’s nice to see he remembers me even tho we’re not together that often. He always called me to play with him haha. We sang a lot of Portuguese Christmas songs and he did all the gestures, it was so cute!

Besides all this I got something I don’t know the name of in english but it’s really warm and I’m wearing it right now on top of my pj’s, money and tons of chocolates 😋 and my aunt gave me a bra that she bought for herself that was too big for her haha.

Update: I got a late Christmas present, it was a Pandora bracelet 🙂

Also, I’d just like to thank you for 1k likes on my posts! That’s amazing guys, thank you ❤

12 thoughts on “Book Snowman!

  1. OMG ITS ADORABLE! Aww I’m glad you got to see your family. 😉 It’s a shame you were ill! Haha merry Boxing Day if that’s a thing in Portugal! X

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      1. Haha here all the things in shops are reduced loads! Thanks! I hope you and your sister feel better soon! Cx

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