Merry Christmas!!

It’s Christmas Eve!!! I celebrate on both the 24th and the 25th but the 24th is my favourite because that’s when we exchange gifts!

I have decided to show you my Christmas decorations today 😀

First here’s my bookcase with some fairy lights!

My Christmas tree! Plus two of my dogs haha. The one on the left is Kiko and the one on the right is Boomer 🙂 Kiko loves balls so when I was putting the balls on the tree he went crazy and tried to steal them XD


Some Christmas decorations. Some were made by my sister in her kindergarten 🙂

And here we have the Christmas present we’re gonna give my sister. I bought it with my parent’s money so it’s from the three of us haha. It’s from Paw Patrol, my sister’s favourite tv show, so I thought it was fitting to use my dog Kiko 😀 He’s always very happy to model for me, as you can see, because he knows I’ll play fetch with him next.

paw patrol

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