All the Books of 2015: Day 12

“All The Books Of 2015” it’s a challenge about all the books you read but only in this 2015!📚 The idea behind this it’s that through all the month of December we can share our reading year in pictures, favorites, least favorites, new favorite characters, otps, et cetera .

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I’m late on these challenge posts once again. I’ve been having some health issues so I haven’t really been in the mood to write anything. But I’m posting day 12, 13 and 14 now.

Day 12 – Best character development

Chaol Westfall from the Throne of Glass series

Chaol had, without a doubt, the biggest character development I’ve ever read about. I know a lot of people hate him, and even though I don’t understand why they do after Queen of Shadows, I respect that. But I have always loved Chaol. I have had many rants as to why I adore him but I’m gonna try to keep this one short.


He renounced his birthright of Lord of Anielle, against his family’s wishes, to do what he does best and that is protect the people of Adarlan. His loyalty to the Crown is all he has left and all his life he was taught that magic was evil and what the King was doing was for the right reasons, so he doesn’t question it. This loyalty is both a virtue and a flaw. Naturally when he learns that both Celaena and Dorian have magic he’s troubled. He sees their magic, not them, as a bad thing. He wants to ignore that part of them so that everything will be fine again. This is what I think makes Chaol so relatable, so human. When we are taught to believe in something all our lives, it’s hard to not think those beliefs are true. And if something contradicts are beliefs we try to ignore it for as long as we can. But in that room in the end of Heir of Fire, he finally sees the King for the monster he is and he finally takes action. His loyalty was all he had left and he throws it away. He becomes a traitor, something that he would be ashamed of before, but he doesn’t care because he’s doing what it’s right. He finaly sees that and he fights to make a difference.

There are a thousand other reasons that make Chaol one of my favourite characters but that’s for another post 😉 And I will always think he was perfect for Celaena, even though I think Rowan is perfect for Aelin.

Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. Whether you agree with me or not I will respect your opinion 🙂


3 thoughts on “All the Books of 2015: Day 12

    1. I’m glad you agree haha it’s always nice to meet someone who likes Chaol bc he gets so much hate and that makes me sad 😦 I found it a bit hard tbh because I had to many things I wanted to say and I couldn’t articulate my ideas XD

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      1. Yeah, I don’t get why so many people hate on Chaol. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I think it’s just really strong, realistic character development. 🙂 And I always find it hard to articulate my ideas. XD


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