The Random Tag

The lovely Georgia @ Books and Other Miracles tagged me to do a tag she created herself! Thank you 😀 This isn’t book related, like the name suggests it’s a couple of random questions. So let’s get on with it : )

What is your favorite food?
Nuggets with tomato rice yum!

What are you having for dinner tonight/ what did you have for dinner tonight?
I made nuggets with french fries and then I ate them while watching Jessica Jones on Netflix (I love that show!) You’ve probably guessed by now that I really like chicken nuggets haha XD

Who was the last person you emailed?
My mum, I sent her some pictures of my sister : )

What sports do you do?
I used to go horse riding but in March of this year I had an accident while jumping with my horse, I was literally thrown against the wall and broke and dislocated both bones in my right wrist. It was a complex fracture and after I took my cast out it took me almost 5 months to be able to write properly and that brought me a lot of problems in school. I still feel pain doing certaint things and I have an appointement in December where I’ll know if I have to have surgery to stitch the ligaments or something. I tried to go horse riding once after that my I wasn’t able to control the horse on my own so I quit and now I don’t do any sports. Except marathoning books and tv shows haha.

Do you play any musical instruments?
I had to learn how to play the flute for musical class in school and that’s pretty much the only thing I can play, though I which I could play guitar and the piano.

Do you have any pet hates?
When people tell you to be somewhere at a certaint hour and then arrive 30 minutes later and don’t even text to say they’re running late or apologize. Ugh. This happened to me a couple weeks ago.

I tag:

Bright Little Story Lover

The Girl Who Read Too Much

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