Pray for the World


What happened in Paris was horrible. Those were innocent people who didn’t deserve to die in twisted acts of war. And I’m very sorry for what happened to them and for what their families and loved ones are going through. May they rest in peace.
Last night, many important landmarks in other countries were lit up with the french flag colours to show their support. It’s wonderful to know that people care. But where’s that kind of support for the other “less important” countries like Syria? They’re being attack by the ISIS for a lot longer now and yet no one seems to care. And I’m not talking only about murder. I’m talking about all the children that are kidnapped and forced to lose their childhood, forced to learn how to behead people, to later fight in a pointless war as child soldiers. I’m talking about all the women and young girls who are kidnapped and either sold as sex slaves or forced to marry a stranger who will only constantly rape her and beat her senseless. I’m talking about all the people who live in constant fear.

Why is it that their lives seem to value less? Is it because of their religion? Their race? We’re all humans. All our lives matter.

All our lives should matter.

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