Pixar Book Tag

I saw this tag in teaandbookreviews‘s blog and thought it would be fun to do it : )
The original tag was made by chasingfaerytales

1) Warm up – what’s our favourite Pixar movie?
Monsters Inc. I loved that movie when I was a kid and still do! I love Boo!!


2) Toy Story – favourite childhood book that you never grew tired of?
I devoured the Geronimo Stilton books when I was a kid! The writing style was just so interesting and the stories were really funny. I had the whole collection at the time. Four Mice Deep in the Jungle was the first I read, in the portuguese version which is called Uma Aventura na Selva Negra (An adventure in the black jungle).


3) A Bug’s Life – a book that felt similar to another popular book?
Well I’ve never read a book that I felt was a bad version of another popular book so I chose two book trilogies I felt have similarities so if you enjoyed one you’ll probably like the other and that is the Shatter Me and The Darkest Minds trilogies. Both books are dystopian and have similarities in the plot line as well as female leads who start off weak but have amazing character development and become badasses! I really enjoyed both trilogies.


4) Monsters Inc. – a villain you just couldn’t hate?
Sebastian Morgenstern! I love him honestly.


5) Finding Nemo – best family relationships you read about in a book?
I loved Patti’s relationship with everyone in this book! She was Anna’s adopted mother and she was like a mother to everyone else, especially to Kaidan, Ginger and Marna. I really loved that.

FullSizeRender (1)

6) The Incredibles – a superpower of a character you wish you had?
I think probably Mare’s lightning power, it’s pretty cool. There are others I’d like too but if I said who they belonged to I would be spoiling so yeah I’ll go with Mare’s power.


7) Cars – a book where the characters go on a road trip/travel a lot?
Gwen and Gideon travel a lot in time in the Ruby Red trilogy.


8) Ratatouille – your favourite sidekick in a book?
I absolutely loved Kenji in the Shatter me trilogy! He always made me laugh plus he was a good friend to Juliette.


9) Wall-E – what’s your favourite (or top 5) dystopian books/series?
Shatter Me is my favourite dystopian trilogy. One of the things I love in these books is Tahereh Mafi’s writing style.There are a lot of beautiful quotes that really make you think, especially in Juliette’s journal. And I loved the scratched out sentences. In the beginning Juliette was unsure about her emotions so there were a lot of scratched out thoughts, but in Ignite me she was a more confident person and she didn’t hide her feelings anymore, you can see that by the lack of scratched out thoughts. I think that was very clever of the author. Juliette’s character development was amazing, she’s a really strong female character. And I love Warner to death ♥


10) Up – the most beautiful love story you’ve ever read?
Definitely Jamie and Claire from the Outlander series! Their love is so strong and beautiful! You can really see that in Dragonfly in Amber. Words cannot express how much I love them ♥


“‘Blood of my Blood…’ I whispered.
‘…and Bone of my Bone,’ he answered softly. Neither of us could finish the vow, ‘so long as we both shall live,’ but the unspoken words hung aching between us. Finally he smiled crookedly.
‘Longer than that,’ he said firmly, and pulled me to him once more.”


11) Brave – the most badass heroine you’ve ever read about?
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius ♥


11) Inside Out – the book that gave you all the feels?
Swee Temptation gave me all the feels from Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril and especially Sweet Reckoning. I cried twice.


There you go : ) I had agreat time doing this. Even though I wasn’t tagged to do it, I would like to tag twosoulsonebook and bookloverfob ; )

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