Review: The Murder Complex


The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

The Murder Complex #1

398 pages

Finished November 1st

5 stars

“Welcome to the Murder Complex.
You cannot see us. You cannot feel us.
But we are here.
And we control your every move.”
Set in a dystopian world where the murder rate is higher than the birth rate, The Murder Complex is, above all else, a book about survival.

“Close your eyes and feel your enemy’s weakness.
Mind over body.
Mind over body.
Mind over body.
Now survive.”
Meadow Woodson has been trained her whole life by her father and she knows that in this corrupted world you either kill or be killed. And she would kill anyone who threatened her family, without hesitation.
Zephyr James has been a Ward (an orphan) for most of his life. He does his job removing dead bodies from the streets, with the help of his long time friend Talan, and tries not to attract any attention to himself. But he is hiding a huge secret, a part of himself not even he can comprehend. He’s been programed to kill. And that torments his mind.
When Zephyr and Meadow’s paths meet, they both feel very intrigued by one another and despite all the setbacks, they begin to really care about each other.
I really liked the dynamic between these two, they balance each other out; while Zephyr teaches Meadow how to trust, Meadow reminds Zephyr how to survive, so that together they can uncover the truth.
I loved Meadow as a female lead, though I think there’s still room for some character development. Honestly, I’m a sucker for badass female characters with guns, knives, bow and arrows, etc. who generally kick ass.
I also loved Zephyr, he really anchored Meadow down at times. And I love to read about a good tortured soul.
Throughout this novel, both Meadow and Zephyr kill multiple people, but while Zephyr feels remorse at first, Meadow never does. For this reason, I probably wouldn’t recommend you this if you feel squeamish about death, blood and gore (which this book as plenty).
I was really intrigued with the Initiative and the Murder Complex. While in real life, if you see someone being murdered right before your eyes, you run the hell away and get help, in this twisted dystopian world you barely give it a second glance, let alone helpIt really makes you think. With the way things are, this could be us in a couple of centuries or even decades. Which is scary because I mean, these people have identification codes tattooed in their foreheads. That is not a world I want to live in. Which made this the perfect Halloween read for me! And after that amazing ending I seriously need to read The Death Code!

No escaping.
No turning back.
This is your duty.
Purge the Earth.
This is the Murder Complex.”

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