Review: Sweet Temptation


Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins

The Sweet Series #4

475 pages

Finished October 17th 2015

5 stars

Oh, Kaidan Rowe, why can’t you be mine? *sighs*

Okay when I first heard about this I was ecstatic. And I mean ecstatic.Because I had just finished reading Sweet Reckoning’s epilogue and I was a sobbing mess. I desperately needed to read Kaidan’s thoughts during that scene. And now I did.
And it was bloody perfect. 
This whole book was bloody perfect. 
I could not have asked for a better way to say goodbye to these amazing characters.
Being inside Kaidan’s head was fantastic. I fell in love with him when I first read the books, but reading the story from his point of view made me understand his character depth in a different level and love him even more.

Something I loved in Sweet Temptation was the fact that there were song lyrics in the beginning of every chapter that really described what was happening and what Kaidan was feeling. I now have a playlist of those songs and another one with my favourite from them. I love listening to them! There were even lyrics of some of my favourite bands like 5 Seconds of Summer, Bring Me the Horizon, You Me At Six, Maroon 5!

This book made me really emotional. Like honestly I couldn’t quite understand myself because I was still emotional after hours of finishing it.
First, the scene of their first time made me cry (like what even?) which didn’t happen when I read it the first time. But like I said being in Kaidan’s head is different. I guess it was the fact that he finally showed Anna his colours and then this:
“For the first time in my life I make love, and my heart is full. And though I’ve been a man by society’s standards for a while now, this is the first time I’ve felt like one. I am Anna’s man. Her lover. Her husband. Her ally and friend.

That just did it for me.
And then of course was the scene with that little girl, Alile. How they connected. That was a groundbreaking moment for Kaidan. Needless to say it rendered me a sobbing mess.

Reading Sweet Temptation reminded me how much I love Higgins’ take on demons and nephilim, and of course Kaidan and Anna. I really liked seeing Anna from Kai’s eyes, made me like her even more. She’s such a strong female character.

Also, since we’re in Kai’s head, this book is a bit more mature. And I’m definitely not complaining. Kaidan’s constant dirty thoughts never failed to make me laugh. And the sexual scenes from Kai’s POV of course… Oh boy

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