Review: The Heart of Betrayal


The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

The Remnant Chronicles #2

470 pages

Finished in July 24th 2015

4.5 stars

I enjoyed The Heart of Betrayal more than the first book. It was action packed and thrilling. It left me wanting to know more about of what Lia’s destiny holds for her, as written in the Song of Venda. And it left me thinking about the story a lot after I finished it, making theories about what would happen in the third book. This didn’t happen after The Kiss of Deception, even though it was a very enjoyable read. So that’s improvement!

I loved how Lia grew so strong and embraced the Vendan costumes. Her character development was amazing and so was Kaden’s. After the first couple of pages I shipped Kaden and Lia HARD.

I loved to get to know more of Kaden’s past and how he feels, I’m glad he confided in Lia. He was a surprise though, I’m curious to know what his future will be like and how it envols Lia; because I refuse to believe they won’t end up together after everything I read *SPOILER AHEAD* and especially because Kaden has the gift like Lia and this is what he saw: “Not now. I saw us a long time from now. I had a baby in my arms.” FEELS OVERLOAD I can seriously imagine this and I hope it happens!! *END OF SPOILER*

I actually quite liked the Komizar as a villain. I think there was more to him than that cold indifferent exterior he showed. But I hated what he did to Aster.

The ending was a bit disappointing to me because that’s not how I was expecting things to go but my opinion might be a bit biased in this subject due to my opinion towards Rafe. I liked him in the first book but mostly because I thought he was the bad boy… In The Heart of Betrayal I just found him a bit lacking and boring. Just like his relationship with Lia, but that’s just my opinion.

I really recommend this book. I can’t wait for The Beauty of Darkness! I need to know what happened to Kaden!


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