Review: The Bane Chronicles


The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

507 pages

Finished in September 20th 2015

4 stars

It took me a while to read the first half of this book because I found it hard to get into the stories at first, so I decided to read a story whenever I spent the whole day out or was in a reading slump and wanted something quick to read (the stories are only around 40 pages long). But the second part of the book really pulled me in. After finishing Raphael’s story I pretty much finished the rest of the book in a day, especially when I got to the Malec stories.

Magnus Bane is always an entertaining character to read about. I loved how this book allowed us to find out more about past characters, like Will and Tessa’s son James, Will’s parents and how they fell in love, Raphael’s struggle to lead a normal life after being turned into a vampire, Magnus relationship with Ragnor and Catarina (I really like her character), Magnus role in trying to stop Valentine’s Circle, Magnus and Tessa helping Jocelyn with Clary (I loved Tessa in this one) and last but definitely not least, MALEC.

I loved loved loved the Malec stories. I love these two, both as individual characters and as a couple. They’re my favourite couple in TMI!

Finishing this book actually made me want to read the books again, after more than two years, but I think I’ll hold it off until we’re closer to the tv show premiere (January 12th!!!). I can’t wait to see it on the big screen! Or well… In my laptop screen… But wherever, you catch my meaning.

7 thoughts on “Review: The Bane Chronicles

    1. I can’t buy anymore books either haha sucks. But once you get it, I hope you enjoy it! I think you’re gonna love the Malec stories 😉 Oh! Speaking of that, did you see Beyond the Shadows: The Making of Shadowhunters?? I actually screamed when they showed the Malec scene omg!

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