Review: Queen of Shadows


Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Throne of Glass #4

645 pages

Finished in September 15th 2015

5 stars

“She was the heir of fire. She was fire, and light, and ash, and embers. She was Aelin Fireheart, and she bowed for no one and nothing, save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph.” 

This book. This book. Is pure gold.

I’m actually incredibly jealous that I can’t call this book mine because everything about it is perfection. But the credits for this masterpiece go to Sarah J. Maas. And let us take a moment to fucking bow to her.

I’m honestly still speechless. This book blew my mind. It combined everything I loved about the previous books and amplified it. It was so cleverly written, everything happens for a reason.

The character development was fantastic.

We have Aelin who came to terms with the darkest parts of her and allowed everything she learned while being Celaena Sardothien to make her a ruthless yet merciful queen. Simultaneously a queen of shadows and a queen of light. Save both her people and the people from the kingdom that enslaved her and her home.

Then we have Chaol. He’s always been one of my favourites because he’s such a relatable character. He was incredibly flawed and I loved him for it. And in this book he finally takes control of things, instead of being a bystander. I honestly can’t understand how people still hate Chaol after everything he did in this book. He’s my precious little baby.

Which reminds me of Dorian… my other little cinnamon roll… Honestly, all of Sarah’s male characters are precious little cinnamon rolls who must be protected at all costs ♥

We were introduced to yet another amazing female character, Nesryn Faliq, who we later discover has a past with Chaol. I honestly love everything Nesryn stands for in this book: the first woman to ever be in such an important position.

I really enjoyed reading a softer side of Rowan. How he kept mentioning that he hadn’t given humans enough credit. Or when he comforted poor Evangeline. But we also got to see his sensual, primal side (thank you Sarah for that).

A pleasant surprise for me was Lysandra. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. Yet another amazing badass female character we can add to Sarah J. Maas repertoire.

I loved Manon and Elide’s story. How Elide taught Manon the importance of hope and Manon found her humanity and saved her life. We also got another glimpse at Manon’s newfound humanity when she was with Dorian. Im really excited to read more about her journey in the upcoming books.

One of the scenes I was more excited to read in Queen of Shadows was Manon and Aelin meeting. And boy did it live up to my expectations.“The queen looked at the nails, the teeth, and grinned. Honestly—it was a shame that Manon had to kill her.” They are evenly matched and 100% badass.

Queen of Shadows just has the perfect blend of everything I love in a book. The amount of badassery in it is on point. The amount of times it made me laugh is off the charts. The amount of times it made me cry, both from sadness and relief and happiness, is ridiculous. The amount of times this book made me swoon and fan myself is equally ridiculous. Topping it all with outstanding character development. It was everything I hoped it’d be and more. So much more.

“So here we are.”
“The end of the road,” Aelin said with a half smile.
“No,” Chaol said, his own smile faint, tentative. “The beginning of the next.”

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